Common mistakes in digital marketing

Digital marketing can be a minefield. With complicated strategies such as search engine optimisation or SEO, content marketing and paid advertising, it is easy to make mistakes.

On this blog, we will cover the most common mistakes in digital marketing and provide tips on how to deal with them.

1. Focusing on your products instead of your audience

Avoid one of the biggest digital marketing mistakes. Companies often only focus on their product or service and forget to generate that all-important customer interaction. You can only start selling your product or service after you've established a connection with your audience.

How do I deal with this?

An excellent way to deal with this is to create valuable customer-focused content. This kind of content should not only be available on your Instagram feed but also on your website or other social media platforms. But beware! Posting content is not enough; it has to create value for your audience.

Create an online community!

Creating an online community is a challenging task but the end result is rewarding. To attract loyal customers, you need to create authentic content. Find out what characteristics your customers value about your brand, build a tribe around it and watch your sales skyrocket!

2. Forgot SEO? A massive disaster!

Among the other biggest marketing blunders companies make is ignoring SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is how potential customers find your business on search engines. If you haven't incorporated SEO into your digital marketing strategy, potential customers won't find your website in the search results. As a result, you are losing valuable traffic to competitors.

What to do now?

If you don't know how to do SEO, it's time to learn how to use this strategy. The most important thing you need to know about implementing SEO is how to do keyword research.

Keyword research allows you to focus on the searches that your audience is doing. You can integrate these keywords into pages on your website to help you appear in searches for those key terms. By planning your content around the keywords your target audience is using, you can reach valuable and relevant leads.

SEO requires patience. In return, your campaign will grow over time and deliver the results you want. Are you curious after reading this article and do you want to know more about SEO? Contact us!

3. Inconsistency

"Rome was not built in one day", you heard this quote, didn't you? Well, this is definitely applicable here. Consistency is essential in digital marketing and not updating your feed regularly is one of the common mistakes in digital marketing.

Organically building a strategy that stands the test of time can take several months or even years. Always remember that digital marketing thrives on dedication and consistent posting of content.

How do you avoid inconsistency?

- Content & plan

Use a content plan for your posts, write down topics that are relevant to your audience and create engaging content.

Make it a habit to post your content at a certain time. Data insights are a great way to find out what time of day generates better engagement.

- Set goals and crush them

Goals improve your focus. They help you measure sales and the customer conversion process. Use the SMART method for this, they are the best way to measure your sales and your conversion process:

- Specific

- Measurable

- Acceptable

- Realistic, achievable

- Time-bound

4. Paid ads do wonders but not always....

Digital marketing is more than paid ads. Although paid ads can improve the visibility of your brand, if you use a bad strategy it can also be the reason of a lot of money being wasted. Do NOT use your entire marketing budget for paid ads, invest in other strategies to fully utilize your marketing campaign.

5. Know your audience

Many companies focus on an overly large audience. Reaching a lot of people is good, but not everyone is interested in your product or service. Other companies think they know their target group, but end up focusing on the wrong people. It becomes a waste of time and money, but it is easy to avoid!

It is important that you research your target group. Finding the right target group requires research and testing. Use buyer personas and the valuable data your website and social media generate. Focus on:

- Demographics

- Interests

- Hobbies

- Family situation

- ...

Your turn! Do you have other marketing mistakes you'd like to discuss? What kind of problem have you encountered before in your digital marketing? Which indicators are most relevant to you? If you're not getting the most out of your digital marketing game or you're just looking for ways to improve your current digital marketing strategies, get in touch with us today!